The Storming of the Capitol

There is always a deeper meaning behind every action, behind everything we say, behind every single event. The storming of the Capitol on January 6th is no exception.

The storming of the Capitol actually shares a similar meaning to the riots in America over the last year. The riots in turn share a similar meaning to the actual election of Donald Trump too. They are all the product of an animosity towards the ruling class, an anger towards the establishment who have been ignoring the American people.

On the surface the storming of the Capitol and the riots throughout American cities look quite different. On the one hand you have people on the far-Left, and the other on the far-Right (the people involved in such actions must be necessity have the prefix ‘far-’ as they are in essence political partisans willing to engage in such extreme actions). But what underlies both groups is a deep dissatisfaction with the political establishment and their corporate overlords.

What these two events share with the election of Donald Trump in 2016 is the desire to shock the political establishment by throwing in a dynamite stick and slamming shut the door: “Ha! You stopped listening to us, you betrayed us and now you must suffer!” The people who voted from Trump wanted to make the system sick.

Trump came along with his anti-politics rhetoric and abrasive attitude, the perfect candidate for an anti-establishment vote. Unconsciously, most of his voters chose him as revenge against the system which has been ignoring their voices. Now was the chance to make the system suffer.

And suffer it did. The system diverted all its time and energy to trying to excise this foreign object from its body. And they were successful to a degree, they prevented the incompetent baboon from accomplishing any of its goals. Quickly after his inauguration he was castrated. The system itself was still in hysterics at the fact that the population it rules over managed to put an incompetent oaf into such a position in the first place.

Following Trump’s election victory was the inevitable blowback. Over the course of four years tensions increased and so did the rioting and protests. The Left’s interests were (supposedly) under threat, they felt (rightfully) cheated that the election was between Trump and Hillary instead of Trump and Bernie. They had been stabbed in the back by the ruling class, but instead of attacking the ruling class and political institutions, they turned their anger upon everyday people and small businesses.

The Right, on the other hand, remained under the delusion that Trump was actually working hard, he was just getting blocked at every turn. They did not seem to realise that a man with no background in law or political science may indeed be useless at achieving anything in the political world. Instead of accepting the fact that Trump was never more than a pressure release valve they doubled down. Trump was being blocked by the people around him, he is blocked by the deep state. True, the establishment was probably blocking him from doing many things, but this was made possible by the fact that Trump was out of his league. He belonged in the business world, not politics. Trump fans need to accept the fact that they did not elect him to achieve anything, you voted for him because you wanted to swing a wrecking ball into the White House.

The Right sought any way at all to cope with the fact that their wrecking ball was not actually causing much damage, indeed it was fat and lazy. It would rather go golfing or watch Fox News instead of actually defeating the establishment.

The Left was not much better. The media frenzy directed by the establishment was indoctrinating them with fears that Trump was a ‘Fascist’ and ‘racist’ coming after their rights while simultaneously documenting his poor work ethic and complete incompetence. Somehow, Trump was both a conniving threat but also lazy and never works. Interesting.

The Left were rapidly descending into a schizophrenic panic. They claimed to be anti-establishment while also siding with the establishment, succumbing to the paranoia indoctrinated into them by the establishment media. They could no longer see that the establishment was the real enemy, they chose to side with the establishment, the mainstream media (thus abandoning Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent), Twitter and other interests antithetical to their supposed goals. They then rallied behind Biden instead of realising that if they truly wanted change they needed to abstain from voting for the Democrats altogether. They needed to rally behind an alternative party. But the same can be said for Republicans. Any change in a Western nation comes from abandoning establishment parties which are corrupt to the core.

The Left were cheated in the primaries twice, both times it should have been Bernie. But instead of attacking the political establishment, for four years the Left attacked small businesses. They thought that smashing up family-owned businesses and abusing who are out for dinner is ‘revolutionary’. Their problem was the establishment, but instead of directing their anger at the Capitol or another government building, they directed their anger at the people they saw as enemies, they attacked everyday people. They claimed that ‘insurance’ would cover the damages (showing they are completely oblivious to how insurance works), they put countless people out of work, set fire to police stations, damaged cars, and beat-up strangers.

It never crossed their mind that they should direct their anger at a government building, that they should take their fight to the politicians who have been screwing them over for the past century. They went after the innocent instead of the guilty. The people oppressing them are in the Capitol, not the café.

On January 6, 2020, a large crowd of people who felt cheated by the establishment took their fight to the establishment. They did not smash up a local store, beat up a bunch of old people, block up roads and prevent ambulances from getting through – no! They actually went to the source of the oppressive power. They did not take their anger with the establishment out on people who have no power, they went to the heart of the machine and stopped it.

The author is not a fan of Trump, but he is a fan of people actually taking their protests to the politicians instead of interfering with the lives of ordinary people. If you want support for your cause go after the people actually causing you grief instead of wasting the time of other people who have no power.

The establishment should be the enemy of both the Left and Right. We are all being used and abused by the same people, yet here we are with the Left completely outraged because the Right did something they are too cowardly to do. The Left are outraged because the Right actually had the guts to storm a government building instead of standing around talking emptily about ‘revolution’.

The hysteria surrounding the storming of the Capitol is quite interesting. How much damage happened to the Capitol compared to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots? How many months did ‘Black Lives Matter’ riot compared to the one-day event at the Capitol? Yet there is so much condemnation towards the storming of the Capitol in comparison.

The mainstream media is baffled that the rioters managed to even enter the building, these vultures would not be satisfied unless the police massacred the rioters as they moved up the steps. But why should the public even be blocked from entering the building? It should be their right to be able to enter the building and hold the politicians to account.

The security around politicians and government buildings in the West is quite interesting in and of itself. True, there are nutters in the public that are dangerous. But should we be more concerned with the threat they pose to politicians than we are about nutters attacking everyday individuals in the general public? If we need such high security around politicians does this not say something about the politicians themselves?

Why should the public not be able to simply walk in and protest in ‘democratic’ countries? Why are politicians hidden from the public in ‘democratic’ nations? Our politicians do not want to engage with the public, yet they are happy to make time for the elites. Does this not say something interesting about the state of affairs in the West? We cannot access our politicians, but the elites can. Our citizens are sent to fight for ‘democracy’ in the Middle East while our government protects itself from the people at home.

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