The argument that “We need to import workers” is a load of shit

All of our doctors in the West are of foreign origin, as are our nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, our engineers and every other occupation which requires a degree. Why is this? Well, our governments complain that the youth are not studying these areas (hence why we apparently need to pay to bring over foreigners to fill our universities).

This is, of course, all bullshit. There are plenty of youths of European origin in the West that could fill these positions in universities and then go on to fill these roles after studying. The problem is, it is practically impossible to sustain yourself while studying.

Whatever you may think of some of the subjects at university, anyone with half a brain knows we need doctors, engineers, paramedics and such. Yet the parasites in power have made it practically impossible to study degrees (and post-graduate degrees which are just as important) in these fields. In Australia, a student has to try and get by on $530 a fortnight on Austudy. This piss-poor sum is impossible to live on, they have to either have to continuously borrow money from others in order to keep a roof over their head or simply drop-out (which a large amount of students do). Is it any wonder that our emergency rooms are filled with Indians who barely speak the native language when we have made it impossible for any whites to get through 3-5 years of university?

Our parasitic overlords of course use this lack of white students in universities as the perfect reason to import new ‘doctors and engineers’ from Third World countries, using the excuse that ‘whites don’t want to work’ these roles as opposed to the truth: Our governments are making it impossible for whites to study a fucking degree in the first place. As the younger generations get older they see how undesirable it is to actually go to university, they see older friends struggle to get by, they see whites who have managed to scrape through struggle to get work as the hospitals are actively hiring non-whites over whites as well. (Hospitals are no longer interested in staff that speak fluent English, multi-racialism is far more important!)

While this is going, universities flood their campuses with Third Worlders (who also don’t speak the native language). They constantly have programs running that promote ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’, urging students to be welcoming to the colonizing hordes that are here to replace them. Universities have no interest at all in bringing in students whose ancestors actually built the fucking universities (who built the entire fucking country for their descendants in the first place). No, the programs in universities are geared towards two things: Telling the colonizers that whites are responsible for their homelands being complete shitholes, and educating the colonizing hordes as they are supposed to be the ‘new generation’ replacing the whites.

Conservatives do not care at all about the universities actively pursuing the replacement of whites in their own nations, they are actively participating by promoting policies that speed up this process. They see universities as businesses primarily, and centers of education secondarily. They want universities to make money, they do not care at all that they are making money by importing foreigners while neglecting the native populations. They know that academia is essentially nothing more than a tool of the anti-white agenda, but, for conservatives, economic liberalism is far more important than heritage, culture or the European people. If the agenda of the cultural parasites matches up with the economic agenda of conservatives, then the social values of conservatives will take the back seat. “Hm, these policies seem to be very anti-white, but they seem to benefit the economy…”

The solution to the lack of whites in universities studying in important fields like medicine is, to the ire of conservatives, socialist. White students who want to pursue degrees need to be given an amount that they can actually live on in order for them to be able to focus on their degree. This would be, obviously, unacceptable to retarded conservatives for obvious reasons (despite the fact that it would be a pro-white policy – they do not actually give a flying fuck about white people, only laissez-faire economics). Leftists would also reject this policy outright because it would benefit whites and decrease the need to import non-whites.

What we need to do is target conservatives by illustrating how their economic beliefs actually contradict all pro-white policies. Sit down with a conservative, start talking with them about how anti-white the Leftists are, how their policies are attacking white people. Get them worked up and then throw them a curve-ball: “I mean, it is kind of hypocritical of you to complain about the Left when the economic doctrine you espouse only plays into their hands. You are sitting here complaining about how academia is anti-white, but what you are advocating only makes it increasingly impossible for whites to be able to study at university. You complain about Indian doctors, and yet your retarded neoliberalism is the very reason they are here in the first place?”

2 thoughts on “The argument that “We need to import workers” is a load of shit

  1. As you state, not Left, Right nor Centre – yes, yes the Third Position is ABOVE!

    Three years ago I read “Third Position” by O.E. Nordahl. Have you read this title?

    It’s good to see here what you have written, some great practical adaptations of the ideology.

    It is highly appreciated and I look forward to reading more in the future!! 🙋

    Liked by 1 person

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